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How to Give Birth at Home

If you are a healthy woman with a normal pregnancy, then you may want to consider giving birth at home. A home birth typically involves delivery in the comfort and familiarity of your own home.

This type of delivery allows you to have more control over the birthing experience.


5 Steps to Give Birth at Home

Give Birth at Home

1. Find a practitioner.

If you want to have a home birth, you have to find a midwife or physician that is willing to come to your home for delivery. Interview several practitioners and find out their experience with home births.


2. Consider your medical history.

Before you decide on a home birth, you must be certain that it is a safe option. If you are older, have high blood pressure or if the baby is in a breech position, then you are better suited for a hospital delivery.


3. Prepare a backup plan.

If complications arise, you need to have a plan to get you or the baby the medical attention that you need.


4. Set up your laboring area.

You should have a clean and private area in your home as the designated birthing place. Bring anything that you will need to this area, such as birthing balls, towels, candles and pillows. A plastic sheet should be placed on the bed if needed.


5. Decide on the attendants of the birth.

Plan ahead of time the people that you wish to attend the birth. Some women who give birth at home allow their entire family, including children, to be present.


Tips and Warnings

    • You must realize beforehand that with a home birth you can only use natural pain relievers. No sedatives or epidurals are administered in the home.
    • You should consider a doula when giving birth at home. A doula can help you with natural pain management and support you throughout the delivery.


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