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How to Give Your Wife a Back Rub

Your wife had a hard day or you want to set the mood and give her a back rub.

But you’re not certain how to go about giving her a back rub she’ll enjoy.


7 Steps to Give Your Wife a Back Rub

How to Give Your Wife a Back Rub


1. Ask her first. Avoid suddenly starting a back rub unless she wants one.

She may want sleep more or may have injured herself during her day, which may make a back rub painful.


2. Have her take her shirt off.

Not only is it easier to massage her without a shirt on, but this can help get her into the mood.


3. Start at the shoulders and work your way down.

Women don’t usually like intense back rubs, so start with a feather light touch and gradually increase the intensity.


4. Place your hands at the sides of the neck and stroke toward the shoulders.

After a few minutes, press more firmly into the neck with the thumbs to work out any tension.


5. Use your thumbs to press into the sides of the spine, but avoid pressing directly into the spine.

Using your palms, knead the muscles on both sides of the spine.


6. Listen to her.

If she comments on a knot in her back muscles, try to work it out. If she says something hurts, stop doing it.


7. Consider using a massage oil or a lotion.

Massage oils make it easier to give a massage and some scents are relaxing (such as lavender) while other scents (like jasmine) are more erotic.


Tips and Warnings

  • Alternate firm touches with feather-weight touches.
  • Try rubbing in circles rather than up and down.
  • Avoid using scented massage oil on pregnant and nursing moms without checking with a care provider.


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