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How to Identify Fenton Glass

Through the years, Fenton Art Glass maintained a strong history of producing the highest quality figurines, vases, bowls and decorative items. They closed their doors in October 2007, after a century in business, but the popularity of their glass continues lives on. Identifying Fenton Glass is no simple task, but with these steps, you can become a pro.


4 Steps to Identify Fenton Glass

Fenton Glass


1. Purchase books.

The first order of business in identifying the massive number of items Fenton created over 100 years is to obtain the books that detail the pieces, their features and values. Try, “Warman’s Fenton Glass: Identification and Price Guide,” by Mark F. Moran, available from Amazon.com.


2. Read up on eBay’s “Reviews and Guides,” for an educational and up-to-date source on the various patterns of Fenton Glass and their value.

They also share tips on how to spot fakes.


3. Visit Fenton Fanatics on the Internet.

Run by a man who has studied and collected the glassware for years, this website offers many tips for identifying the glass works. You can join their Yahoo eGroup to post any specific questions you may have.


4. Frequent antique shops.

Ask to see their inventory of Fenton Glass to develop your skills in identifying the pieces. Thousands of styles exist today and with no more in production, the already popular glass will become more and more collectible.



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