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How to Induce Labor With Castor Oil

At the end of your pregnancy, it may seem like a lifetime until you finally go into labor and welcome your new bundle of joy. If you’re full term and have yet to start contracting, you may want to try natural methods to induce labor.

One method used by women for decades to induce labor involves the use of castor oil.


5 Steps How to Induce Labor With Castor Oil

How to Induce Labor With Castor Oil


1. Consider the timing.

You should not try to induce labor unless you have reached your due date. You don’t want to induce pre-term labor. You may want to talk to your doctor or midwife first before trying to naturally induce labor.


2. Purchase castor oil.

You can look for castor oil in a supermarket or purchase the vegetable-based oil online. Go to iHerb.com to get a low price on castor oil.


3. Measure out 2 ounces of castor oil.

Pick a juice to mix the castor oil with in order to improve the taste. To reduce the oily nature of the concoction, you may want a thicker juice like orange or pineapple juice. Add about 4 ounces of the juice to the castor oil.


4. Drink the castor oil and juice mixture.

Gulp the juice down quickly to avoid the yucky taste.


5. Adjust the amount of castor oil used.

If you don’t have an effect from the castor oil, then you may want to adjust your dosage. You can double the amount and consume 4 ounces instead. You should wait 24 hours between doses if you’re going to try repeated doses to induce labor.


Tips & Warnings
You should stay close to the bathroom if you plan to try to induce labor with castor oil. Castor oil will stimulate your bowels and cause you to go to the bathroom within a couple of hours.



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