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How to Meet Single People Online

Internet dating is a practical solution for individuals who need to date yet don’t have the opportunity or are too timid to even think about meeting individuals face to face.

In most cases, meeting single people online is relatively easy, although it sometimes takes a bit of patience.


5 Steps to Meet Single People Online

Meet Single People Online


1. Sign up for a dating site.

There are numerous dating sites on the Internet, many of which are free. Two of the most popular free dating sites are OkCupid and Plenty of Fish, which both offer a high quality matching engine and have many users.

Paid options such as Match.com and eHarmony are also popular, especially among older users.


2. Fill out your profile.

Express yourself in a way that is both unique and honest. Keep in mind that misleading information could lead to conflict later on. Good topics to mention are your work, hobbies and favorite music.

Also, be specific about what kind of relationship and partner you are looking for. Use your normal speaking or writing style; this is a place to show not only what you are, but also who you are.


3. Search for potential matches on the dating site’s matching engine.

Look for matches that stand out and fit reasonably well with what you are looking for. If you have any deal breakers, such as smoking or drugs, don’t assume you can change the person. Conversely, respect others’ wishes; if they are looking for characteristics that do not describe you, then don’t bother considering them.


4. Send messages to matches you are interested in meeting.

Do not use a generic message and try to avoid talking about yourself too much. Instead, ask a question about something that stands out to you on the profile. This gives a good reason to respond to you.


5. Mention the possibility of meeting once a match has responded to you and seems to be interested.

You may want to suggest chatting through an instant messenger or on the phone first. This would allow you to get to know the person better and help both of you to decide if meeting in person is a good idea.


Tips & Warnings

  • Upload a photo to your profile. Profiles with photos receive more responses than profiles without.
  • Avoid meeting people from the Internet unless you are comfortable with them and their intentions. When you do meet people, meet in a public location.


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