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How to Perform a Pregnancy Massage

Prenatal massage reduces stress and improves blood circulation. Less stress means hormonal imbalances during pregnancy will be reduced. Healthy stress management keeps pregnancy and birthing complication rates down and the health of the newborn is improved.

Better blood flow decreases swelling of the joints, and a better quality of blood supply can reach the fetus. If you want to include pregnancy massage to a prenatal routine, it is important to have it performed correctly.


5 Steps to Perform a Pregnancy Massage

Perform a Pregnancy Massage


1. Have the pregnant woman lie on the massage table or bed on her side.

Lying on the stomach will exert too much pressure on the fetus.


2. Rub the lower back in circular motions, slowly working your finger up the woman’s spine, to her shoulders.


3. Go back down the lower back, where there is typically the most pain or discomfort.

Continue the circular massage until you find two, squishy bumps above the buttocks. Massage the bumps with your finger tips to release the buildup of lymphatic fluid.


4. Allow the woman to remain in a lying position or sit up for the leg and foot portion of the massage.

Gently grasp the woman’s calves and knead them without squeezing the muscle.


5. Move down her ankles to her feet. Use your thumb to massage the soles of her feet in a circular motion.


Tips & Warnings

Dads-to-be who give their pregnant wife a pregnancy massage will brighten her day and help him to be involved in the pregnancy process.

Consult a doctor before performing a pregnancy massage. Avoid the use of oils and lotions unless the doctor says they are OK.


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