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How to Rekindle Romance in Your Marriage

After years of marriage, many people find that the romance has gone out of their lives. Worry, stress and responsibility take the place of pleasure, love and excitement.

However, your marriage doesn’t have to stay in the dumps. You can rekindle the romance in your marriage and go back to feeling the way you did when you were both younger.


How to Rekindle Romance in Your Marriage

How to Rekindle Romance in Your Marriage


Write a Love Letter

With a little bit of paper and a pen, you can make your spouse feel special. Plain pen and paper will do, but you’ll create a much more attractive letter if you use special stationary and a fountain pen.

Find a poem from your favorite historical poet to include in your letter, or write your own. Recall a memorable occasion the two of you once spent together. Tell your spouse how you feel.


Surprise Your Sweetie

Even a small surprise can brighten your spouse’s day. Show up unexpected at his or her job. Buy a bottle of champagne because it’s Wednesday. Buy a small gift to say “I love you.”


Take a Bath

A relaxing bath is very conducive to having a romantic interlude with your spouse. Tidy up the bathroom and fill the tub with warm water and scented bath salts or bubble bath. Take the phone off the hook and make sure that you will both have the evening free to spend together.


Reproduce Your First Date

No matter where you went on your first romantic excursion together, it was sure to be special. See if you can go to the same place you went back then. If not, then and do the same things you did before. Watch the same movie, eat the same foods and have the same fun.


Have Some Quality Time

Just paying a little bit more attention to your spouse can ramp up the romance in your lives. Take time out to put aside work and responsibility, and just be together.


Tips and Warnings

  • Just a small romantic gesture, such as making your spouse a homemade card, can make your marriage feel new again.
  • Renewing your vows and taking a second honeymoon to a tropical vacation destination can also put the spark back into your marriage.

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