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Owning A Samoyed : Breeder Recommendations

The Samoyed is a beautiful, white dog. Active, dynamic, and strong are just a few words to describe this beautiful breed. In addition, the Samoyed is agile, elegant, and simply stunning in appearance. If you are thinking about buying this particular breed, we suggest you consider that a Samoyed needs both exercise and grooming.

However, if you want a breed of dog that is good-natured and gentle, one that makes the perfect family pet, then a Samoyed should be added to your list of possibilities.


Things to Know Before Getting A Samoyed

The best place to purchase a Samoyed puppy is from a reputable breed. However, you will find some rescue organizations that are dedicated to finding good homes for displaced dogs. This breed lives between 12 and 15 years and will remain active.

In addition, the Samoyed is an attention-seeking dog, meaning any type of abuse or negligence will lead to destructive behavior. Therefore, you need to know that the Samoyed needs quality time in training, exercise, and love.

The process of finding a Samoyed can be a little daunting but with time, patience, and asking the right questions, you will soon have the perfect pet. Now, in addition to finding the right breeder, you also want to consider you and your family, as far as available space, lifestyle, age of the children, and so on.


Owning A Samoyed


Some of the questions you should ask regarding a Samoyed include:

  • What is the temperament of the Samoyed
  • Does the Samoyed require much grooming
  • How much and what type of exercise does this breed need
  • Does the Samoyed have specific health problems
  • Has the breeder had any testing performed to detect inherited disease
  • Will I have the chance to meet both mother and father dogs
  • How many litters does the mom have each year and what number litter is this
  • Can I see the environment in which the puppies are raised
  • What is the current diet for the dog
  • Is the Samoyed the only breed bred
  • What age do the puppies need to be before going home
  • Do you have references that can be checked
  • What all does the contract include

Keep in mind that if you visit a breeder to purchase a Samoyed, he or she should always be 100% willing to answer each question asked. If you find a breeder that is hesitant in answering questions or showing you around, there is a reason.

In addition to the questions you ask, the breeder should also be asking you just as many, if not more questions. The reason is that a good breeder will have the safety and happiness of the puppy at heart so it is important that they understand the type of home in which the puppy is going.

Sometimes, Samoyed puppies can also be purchased online but this creates a new set of rules and concerns. If you have located an online company or individual selling this breed, you need to protect yourself. For this, start with email communication whereby initial questions could be answered. However, you should then be able to talk to the breeder by phone so if this option is not offered, move on.

Additionally, never send money using Western Union since you have no protection against fraud. If the breeder is legitimate, he or she will have an actual account that can be checked.

Most importantly, if the money is being sent to other countries, especially Africa, Nigeria, and London, do not buy.

Finally, ask for addition pictures of the puppy you like, as well as information specific to the bloodline for the mother, father, and puppies.


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