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Samoyed : 10 Most Common Questions

To help you determine whether a Samoyed is the right breed of dog for you, we wanted to address some of the more commonly asked questions.

Overall, this breed is healthy, intelligent, gentle, and loving, making him an excellent addition to most family environments. However, you should always do in-depth research prior to choosing any breed dog in that this is a lifetime commitment.

Samoyed Questions


1. I know Samoyed dogs have two coats and are used in the Artic. Do they make a good pet in warmer regions?

The answer is yes. Just remember that if you keep your Samoyed outside in the summertime, he will need a constant supply of fresh water and shade. The undercoat of the Samoyed is short, thick, and soft, which actually serves to keep him warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

While this breed may do better in cooler climates, it would also do well just about anywhere. An excellent way to help keep your Samoyed cool on hot days is to fill a kiddy pool with water in which he can come and go.


2. To help keep my Samoyed cool in the summer can I have his hair clipped or shaved?

You should never have your Samoyed dog’s hair shaved or clipped. The reason is that this breed will shed in the spring and again in the fall, as needed. In fact, the outer coat of this breed is reflective to the sun, which helps shade his skin, thus avoiding discomfort and sunburn.


3. Are Samoyed dogs good with children?

The Samoyed is extremely gentle and loving, especially to children. Of course, any dog should be socialized while still a puppy and taught basic commands but with this breed, you would never have to worry about aggression.

In fact, most Samoyed dogs are quite tolerant of tugging and pulling, making them a great choice for families.


4. Can I keep a Samoyed inside?

You can but please remember this dog will shed heavily twice a year. However, the Samoyed is gentle and surefooted. Typically, people who own a Samoyed will provide him with both indoor and outdoor access.

However, if you were looking for a full-time indoor pet, this breed would do fine as long as he has daily exercise.


5. Is the Samoyed a big eater?

This particular breed is actually considered a medium-sized dog, although they do fall in the working breed class. In most cases, a grown Samoyed will eat approximately three cups of food daily, which is certainly no more than any other medium to large-size breed.

The key is providing only high quality food, whether commercial or fresh.


6. What is the best type of exercise for the Samoyed?

The Samoyed loves to play but he also loves to work. Therefore, in addition to daily walks, this breed would be ideal for people who love to jog, backpack, or hike.

You will also find that the Samoyed enjoys training as a form of exercise. As long as this dog feels challenged while having fun, you can create whatever type of exercise program you want.


7. Although a medium-sized breed, is the Samoyed strong?

This breed is strong. Now, when it comes to pulling sleds in Alaska, you would likely see more Malamutes or Siberian Huskies working than you would the Samoyed. However, you would be surprised at the strength this dog possesses.

Therefore, even if you live in Florida and choose this breed, you could always set up a wagon and harness, allowing the dog to pull the children around the yard.


8. Does the Samoyed get along with other animals?

This dog is a pack animal, which means he will communicate primarily with certain dogs. If your Samoyed is socialized as a puppy to be around other animals, then chances are he would do fine.

On the other hand, if introducing a Samoyed to animals already in the home or vice versa, you may find some problems.


9. Is the Samoyed an intelligent breed of dog?

This breed is very smart and because of this, can be challenging when it comes to training. Most people confuse intelligence in training with stupidity.

In fact, the Samoyed is highly clever, often outsmarting the owner. When it comes to training, the key to success is making it fun but also challenging.


10. What is the best climate for a Samoyed?

The best temperatures for this breed range from 50 to 70. Again, as long as the dog is provided with fresh water, shade, and trips indoors during the hot summer months, he will do fine.

In the winter, the Samoyed would do fine outside, again with proper shelter and fresh water.


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