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Owning A Scottish Terrier : Breeder Recommendations

If you are considering adding a Scottish Terrier (Scottie) to your family, you will be getting a dog that has a long history dating back several hundred years to Scotland.

In that country the Scottie was often a working dog of sorts that chased vermin such as rats and hunted rabbits and foxes. So, having a Scottish Terrier as a pet may mean you will have an energetic dog that also loves to play and exercise.


Things to Know Before Getting A Scottish Terrier

The Scottish Terrier is a very popular breed because of its personality and appearance, as well as its smaller size. It usually remains active throughout its 12 to 15 years of life and does well with children in the right situation. With proper care and a bit of training to help it fit into your lifestyle, the Scottie can be a wonderful family companion.

Of course, one of the key things to consider when buying any dog, especially purebred, is choosing a breeder you feel comfortable with. You should pick a breeder that specializes in Scottish Terriers and has several years of experience with that breed. Plan to ask questions. It helps to know you will get honest, straightforward answers.

Remember that most puppies are cute and adorable, so you do need to use some caution in making your choice. You may not want to take home the first puppy that seems to choose you. It may be best to select one of the less “forward” puppies as your ideal pet.

We recommend looking at various reputable breeders, visiting as many as you can. If you are not certain about where to begin, you can always contact the American Kennel Club or Scottish Terrier Club of America for help in getting a list of quality, licensed breeders to choose from.


Owning A Scottish Terrier


One of the real benefits of buying from a top-quality, recommended breeder is that you will get a properly raised puppy that has started its life by learning to socialize with others. This can save a great deal of effort later in the dog’s life, as you train and care for it. Top breeders are very careful to socialize and play with puppies during the first 8 to 10 weeks of the dog’s life. The breeder will also make sure the puppy begins with a good diet.

There is also a strong rescue network devoted to Scottish Terriers that focuses on finding good homes for Scotties. This can be an excellent alternative to getting the Scottish Terrier you want for your family. But keep in mind that adopting an adult dog of any breed comes with challenges quite different from puppy challenges.

Some of the things you should look for, and expect as the dog grows older, are a sturdy appearance and a healthy-looking coat. The ears should be pointed and stand erect, giving the dog an alert, thoughtful appearance.

The Scottish Terrier is generally a well-muscled dog. Experts say it is best to choose a dog with a well-balanced look.

There are a few health concerns unique to Scotties and some similar terriers, including allergies of the skin caused by grass or fleas, and cataracts, in which the lens of the eye clouds over or becomes opaque.

However, with careful shopping and asking the right questions, the experience of adding a Scottish Terrier to your family can be a happy one.


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