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Saint Bernard : 10 Most Common Questions

Because of size, some people will avoid buying a Saint Bernard, which is a real shame. This particular dog breed is exceptional as a family pet, being gentle to children and other animals.

The Saint Bernard is beautiful, sweet, intelligent, protective, and an all around excellent choice. To help you understand this breed more in-depth, we have covered some interesting questions.

Saint Bernard Questions


1. I have heard that the Saint Bernard needs to have its ears cleaned often – is that true?

Most breeds need the ear cleaned to avoid infection, which is the same for the Saint Bernard. Keep in mind that you never want to push anything down into the ear. Instead, simply use baby wipes to wipe out the immediate area under the ear, which will keep dirt from building up.


2. I have a pregnant Saint Bernard and I’ve been told I should provide her supplemental feeding – is this safe?

If your bitch needs a little more nutrition, then supplemental feeding is fine. However, first check with your veterinarian. If this is suggested, then puppy formula usually works but other possibilities include a mixture of egg yolks, mayonnaise, corn syrup, and goat’s milk.

For this, simply mix four egg yolks with three tablespoons mayonnaise, one-quarter cup of corn syrup, and two cups of milk. This would then be kept in the refrigerator.


3. Does the Saint Bernard breed slobber?

Yes and some people avoid this breed for that reason. Now, usually the problem with slobbering is not difficult to manage but remember if this bothers you, then perhaps the Saint Bernard is not the best breed for you.

If you have this dog, you can remove slobber on walls by using trisodium phosphate.


4. I know the Saint Bernard can experience bloat – what is the best diet and eating schedule to avoid this?

Bloat is caused by dogs eating and drinking too fast. The key to avoiding bloat is by choosing high quality food and then providing your dog several, smaller meals throughout the day instead of one or two large meals.

If you notice him gobbling the food too quickly or drinking too fast, take the food/water away for a few minutes to allow him time to slow down.


5. Due to the size and strength of the Saint Bernard, what is the best collar?

Typically, we suggest a rolled leather collar. In addition to being strong enough, a rolled leather collar also avoids problems with the hair becoming entangled.


6. What is the proper way to care for my Saint Bernard dog’s teeth?

You can find a number of excellent products on the market but one we recommend is called Oxyfresh. In addition to teeth clean and whiteness, this particular product fights tarter and plaque.


7. Someone told me there are special shampoos on the market that I can use to keep my Saint Bernard’s white coat white and shiny, do you have any recommendations?

This is correct and we suggest you consider Christensen’s White-on-White, Clairol Shimmer Lights, EZ Groom Crystal Enzyme, or Jardine’s Whitening, all excellent whitening products.


8. With so much hair, does the Saint Bernard shed badly?

Keep in mind that there are two versions of the Saint Bernard – one with short hair and one with long hair. In either case, both versions of this breed shed twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall to help them adjust to temperatures.

During this time, you will need to brush your dog several times a day. Otherwise, shedding is not usually a serious concern.


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