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Saint Bernard Training Guide

Training a Saint Bernard is actually a fun process. This breed is extremely bright, willing to learn, and relaxed. As with any new puppy, it is important to start with basic commands, moving to the more complex training.

The key in training your Saint Bernard is to understand that dogs learn best by making a connection between cause and effect. In other words, teach your puppy using positive reinforcement in the form of praise and treats, immediately after he has performed the desired command.


How to Train Saint Bernard

On the other hand, when your Saint Bernard does not do what you want, you need to correct him, using a firm voice but never by spanking. Give him about 30 minutes to mull over what he did or did not do, followed by taking him through the correct steps so he is praised.

The goal is to teach your Saint Bernard to respond when you give him a verbal command. Remember, this breed is very smart so it will not be difficult.

You also want to use a specific tone of voice so that every command is clearly understand. In other words, you want your puppy to know exactly what you want and then if he performed the task the right or wrong way. When teaching your new dog simple commands, make it easy by using one-word commands such as Sit, Lie, and Stay. Otherwise, the training will be more complicated, thus taking longer.


Saint Bernard Training Guide


An excellent and effective way to correct your dog when he does not obey is to hold his jowls with both hands, firmly but not causing pain. Then, look him square in the eyes while telling him “NO”. As you do this repeatedly, your Saint Bernard will reach a point when all you have to do is look at him while telling him “NO”. Again, firmness will go much further in the success of the training than any type of physical reprimand.

During the first six months of your Saint Bernard puppy’s life is the most important for the training process. Of course, older dogs can also be trained but the younger the better. In addition to teaching your puppy commands, you are also teaching him what behaviors for personality are accepted. As a result, you end up with a loving, gentle dog, which is essential, especially if you have children in the home.

As soon as you bring your new Saint Bernard puppy home, he will need to feel safe and secure. After all, he has just been removed from his mother and other siblings. Therefore, immediately provide him with a crate, filled with a warm, comfortable blanket and a few stuffed toys.

We recommend you give him a few days to settle in before starting the training process. Then, start slow, working with common commands. Typically, a Saint Bernard will pick up things very quickly, leading to a well-behaved dog that is a joy to be around.


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