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Siberian Husky Training Guide

Although the Siberian Husky is a beautiful dog and loving, friendly companion in most homes, there are some unique challenges with this popular breed.

From the start, you should keep in mind that the Husky can be a challenge to train, but not because it lacks intelligence or energy. In fact, the Husky is a very intelligent and energetic animal.


How to Train Siberian Husky

The challenge in training a Siberian Husky comes from the dog’s need to understand why it is being asked to perform a certain activity prior to it learning and taking interest. Perhaps one common theme with owners of Siberian Huskies is the need for patience and a long-term view of bringing the dog into the family.

For example, one owner has written an extended “warning” to potential Husky buyers, if only to let them know that this breed comes with some unique challenges, and problems.

One of the problems this man relates is that he went to the breeder without having some questions prepared and without reading about the breed, other than to find out it is a beautiful and friendly dog.

He writes that, because he was unprepared, he did not know what to look for and did not know enough to ask about basic training for his new dog.

It is possible to have a Siberian Husky that will walk well with you, obeys most commands, showing a willingness to learn. However, this man, and several others, emphasize that it may take a bit longer to achieve this than with some other dog breeds.

For house training or housebreaking, the crate method seems to be the best for Huskies. Some owners have found this to be the only way to successfully, train a Siberian Husky.

Huskies, as a breed, are very clean, In fact, some breeders and owners consider them fastidious since they are extremely conscious of keeping themselves and their living space clean. That may be why crate training is successful for many Siberian Huskies.

The crate not only gives the dog a safe, quiet place to go to when it needs to be alone. It also is the dog’s private space, its “den.” Dogs in general, and Huskies in particular, will naturally try to keep their den clean and comfortable.


Siberian Husky Training Guide


Some basics of crate training include making sure food and water is accessible and close to or in the crate, and that the door be kept open at the beginning to allow the dog to go in and out. In addition, it would be helpful to place toys and treats at the far end, opposite the door, use a towel or blanket to create soft bedding, and make sure you never push or pull the dog into the crate.

These are just the basics, the beginning of the training. Remember, the crate can be a comfortable home for your dog throughout its life. One of the things you should do during crate training is make the sure your new pet spends a few short periods in the crate while you are home with him.

This will keep your pet from feeling that the crate is a place of punishment or a place to be locked up when you are gone.

As some breeders and trainers will tell you, the Siberian Husky is not naturally inclined to obedience and discipline. For this reason, it may be necessary to enlist the help of a professional trainer for obedience, especially one that has worked with Huskies in the past.

The man who wrote his Siberian Husky manual adds that training a Husky can wear out a regular non-professional owner.


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