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The Top Five Orlando Attractions Besides Disney

Everyone knows about Disney, but there are lots of other places to visit and things to do in the Orlando and Central Florida area. I personally recommend these places because I’ve been to them myself. They’ll make your trip unique and worthwhile!

Orlando Attractions Besides Disney


1. Blue Spring State Park

This place is a MUST SEE. It’s about an hour north of Orlando, but it is gorgeous. There’s a beautiful spring nestled amongst the trees and nature that you can swim in during the summer months.

There are nature trails to see plants and animals. There’s an old house to explore. There’s picnic tables and grassy areas to lay out, relax, and eat. In the colder months there are manatees in the water, and in April there are fireflies lighting up the night. Trust me when I say it’s the drive if you’re from the city and don’t get to do things like this.


2. Blue Man Group

It’s an indescribable show filled with hilarious and amazing randomness. I didn’t even want to see it, and then I loved it. You can find it at CityWalk, but buy tickets in advance.


3. Capone’s Dinner and Show

Orlando is filled with dinner shows. Capone’s is perfect if you want a fairly inexpensive, family friendly, fun night. When you walk into the building, you find yourself inside a speakeasy from the past. The characters and audience interaction make for an all-around good experience.


4. Restaurant Row

Somewhat near Disney is a place that has earned itself the nickname “Restaurant Row” because it is basically a mile and half long strip of every restaurant you’ve ever heard of and every one you haven’t. There is something for everyone. Even if you’re not hungry, it’s quite a site to see.


5. Championsgate

If you like the little things in life, you’ll love this. It’s not something you should go out of your way to see, but it’s fun if you’re passing by. The entrance to this city is literally a giant gatelike structure of archways with the words “ChamptionsGate on top,” and I happen to think it’s pretty cool.

Throw in the quaint area it’s in, with street lamps and cobblestone, and it makes for a cute, little place to drive through.


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