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Things to Watch While Running on a Treadmill

If you find it challenging to avoid boredom on long, solo runs, don’t give up on your goal of keeping in shape. Instead, take up running on a treadmill at the gym. Doing so has numerous conveniences, including the availability of having several things to watch. Whether you enjoy following your workout progress on the monitor or watching the evening news, a treadmill run is anything but dull.


Watch While Running on a Treadmill


Workout Progress

One of the positive elements of running on a treadmill is the ability to keep tabs on your workout. Many treadmills feature an information-packed screen that you can watch as you jog. This screen typically displays such data as the length of your workout, the distance you’ve jogged and the calories you’ve burned and it can even show a graph indicating whether a fast or slow interval is approaching. Treadmills also give you the ability to measure your heart rate, which is another way you can pass the time.



Many gyms place TV screens near the cardio machines, which allows users to pass their workout time while watching their favorite TV show, the news or a few minutes of a game. Gyms often have rules regarding TV use, however. Some gyms don’t allow you to change the channel, for example. In this case, find a treadmill near a TV that’s playing a channel you enjoy. If members are allowed to change the channel, check with those around you before doing so.


Portable Options

If you’re not certain you’ll enjoy watching what’s on your gym’s TV or if you go to a gym with a shortage of TVs, take something to watch while you jog. For example, if you have a tablet or another device with a personal video player, load some movies or shows on the device and set it carefully on the treadmill during your workout. As a measure of courtesy to your fellow gym members, wear headphones while watching the device.



Watching people is an entertaining way to pass the time. As you jog on the treadmill, watch how other members approach their workouts. For example, if you notice someone who alternates jogging and sprinting on the treadmill, it might prompt you to investigate interval training for your fitness routine. Watching someone use a complicated weight machine could give you the courage to attempt the exercise yourself. When watching people, avoid staring for prolonged periods, as some people might be self-conscious while exercising.


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