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What Are the Benefits of Dry Fruits in Early Pregnancy?

Proper nutrition is always important, but particularly during pregnancy. One of the most vital determinants of a baby’s health is the mother’s diet. Eating a healthy, balanced diet ensures that the baby is getting the nutrients needed to grow and develop. Dry fruits can prove to be a useful and helpful dietary commodity during early pregnancy.

Dry Fruits in Early Pregnancy


Balanced Meals

Eating healthy is particularly important during the first trimester of pregnancy because it stimulates the baby’s growth and development. According to the Pregnancy-period website, babies develop almost completely during the first trimester. Among those major milestones include lung and brain development and overall growth. Because the first few months are also when most women experience morning sickness, it can be difficult to eat a healthy diet. Dry fruits can be used in a small, light meal during this time. Many women find the mixture of fruit with a bland yogurt a helpful concoction in between bouts of nausea.


Nutrtional Value

Dry fruits contain a lot of healthy vitamins that perform a variety of functions for the human body. There is a reason why doctors suggest three to four servings of fruits per day. These fruits are sources of vitamin A, which stimulates bone growth and development. They also contain vitamin C, which is an antioxidant that helps protect tissue damage. The vitamin helps build a healthy immune system and encourages the body to absorb iron. The fiber in dry fruits helps prevent constipation, which can be a very major problem during pregnancy.


A Sweet Treat

While an old adage suggests pregnant women are eating for two, being with child should not be viewed as a time to splurge on high-calorie foods. According to KidsHealth.org, pregnant women need about 300 additional calories per day. But this guideline depends on the woman’s physical status before she becomes pregnant, and the intake would vary whether she is underweight or overweight before the baby was conceived. Pregnant women should consult their doctors to discuss a healthy amount of weight to gain during pregnancy. Because fruits are naturally sweet, dry fruits used as a healthy and tasty snack in between meals can be a helpful deterrent to reaching for sugary foods with little nutritional value.


Other Benefits

Some dry fruits have exhibited health benefits beyond the womb.That women who ate apples on a consistent basis while they were pregnant actually transferred some of the health benefits to their children. A portion of those advantages included lower danger of asthma and wheezing. Researchers discovered that if the mother ate four or more apples per week, then the child was more than 50 percent less likely to be diagnosed with asthma, according to qualityhealth.com.


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