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What Is Falsification of a Time Card?

In many workplaces, time cards or time sheets are essential for human resource records.

Some time cards merely record the hours that you work; other time cards may require you to also fill out your daily activities.


Falsification of a Time Card



Falsification of a time card is when an employee lies about his hours worked or the activities he completed while at work. This falsification can lead to disciplinary action or termination.


Electronic Falsification

Electronic time clocks make falsification more difficult. Electronic falsification of your time card can occur, however, if you do not clock out immediately after finishing work or if you clock in on a day in which you are absent from work.


Handwritten Falsification

Handwritten falsification of time cards occurs when you do not include the exact time you arrive at work or depart from work. If your employer requires that you outline your daily activities on your time sheet and you do not do so accurately, this also constitutes falsification.


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