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Bulldog Training Guide

The Bulldog is no longer the vicious breed seen when originally developed in the British Isles. Although loving and devoted, this particular breed does need a firm but loving hand while being trained.

The key to success with the Bulldog is consistency.

Keep in mind that the Bulldog is not overly active. In fact, some owners say the dog is lazy, which is why we see it being a favorite choice for the elderly and apartment dwellers.


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How to Train Bulldog

With a new puppy, you need to start bulldog training young so you end up with a happy and healthy pet. Because this dog is stocky and can weigh up to 50 pounds, it is important to have an obedient animal, one that is also emotionally stable. During the initial months of bringing your puppy home, you want to start with potty training and basic obedience.

Remember, a puppy that has been separated from its mother and siblings will go through an adjustment period so be loving and patient. Your focus should be on making the transition time as free from trauma as possible.

Rather than wait to start training, you want to begin from the day you come home with your new bundle of joy. This way, you will quickly eliminate any unwanted behaviors. Make sure you have a crate with soft bedding. This will provide a great comfort to your pet, while also being an excellent tool for housebreaking. Introduce the puppy to the crate with the door open, allowing it to roam in and out at will.

In addition, while everyone wants to hold the new puppy upon arrival home, we recommend you avoid this. For the first two days, remain loving but allow the dog to smell, see, and feel its new surroundings. Keep in mind that your puppy is in a completely different environment. Therefore, you want it to adjust at a pace comfortable to it. If you have small children, you will need to teach them how to handle a small puppy as well, avoiding possible falls or over handling.

Bulldog Training Guide

If there were children in the home, it would be important to help with the bonding process with the dog. If you were to look back into history, you would see that children and dogs have been known for being best companions. You want your new puppy to be tolerant and submissive to the children but again, it is important the children also understand how to handle the dog.

For instance, we strongly recommend you avoid any type of challenging game in which there would be a winner. In this case, something such as tug-o-war should not be played. In the dog’s mind, this could be seen as a means of gaining dominance. However, tossing a toy a short distance and watching the Bulldog retrieve it would be fine.

Make sure the children are aware of commands words as well. You want to make sure each member of the family uses the same command words to avoid the dog becoming confused.

When the puppy first comes home, allow the children to pet the dog but not hold it. In addition, children would need to know that eye poking or tail pulling is simply not acceptable. Something such as this could turn a sweet dog into one that nips or bites.

With early socialization and proper training, you will end up with a Bulldog that protects the family while still being trustworthy within the home.


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