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Owning a Bulldog : Breeder Recommendations

Today’s Bulldog makes an exceptional pet. Now that fighting characteristics have been eliminated through careful breeding, we see the popularity of the Bulldog rising.

Keep in mind that this breed is more expensive than other breeds, typically costing anywhere from $1,500 to $2,500.

However, in return for this investment, you will end up with an amazing pet that is funny, smart, devoted, and affectionate.


Owning a Bulldog

If you are looking for a new dog and you want one that does not require much exercise or grooming, a dog with a loyal and sweet personality, and one that is great with adults and children alike, you should think about buying a Bulldog.

Although not for everyone, many people have found this particular breed to be an incredible choice. To make the buying process a successful one, we wanted to provide you with some helpful hints.


Owning an Bulldog


When buying a Bulldog, you want to avoid backyard breeders and pet stores. Sadly, the majority of dogs sold in this way are not checked for potential health risks, have not been properly socialized, and breeding may not have been done correctly.

The result is you ending up with a puppy that has serious behavioral or health problems. Therefore, you should always purchase a Bulldog directly from a reputable breeder. To locate one, check with your veterinarian, or you could contact the American Bulldog Association or the American Kennel Club for recommendations.

The thing to remember is that a reputable Bulldog breeder will not only answer your questions but ask questions of you too.

For instance, the breeder should be very selective about the home to which the puppies are going so you should expect to be drilled. Do not be offended by the questions in that this is a sure sign the breeder has the puppy’s best interest.

You want to find a breeder that raises the puppies as a part of the family. If you notice the dog is being raised in a pen or kennel away from people, you should be wary.

The reason this is so important is that all dogs need early socialization or mingle with people so they grow up with loving and secure dispositions. The puppies should be happy, come to you willingly, and not shy away.


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Additionally, a good breeder would be willing to show you where the puppies sleep. With this, you can see if the area is clean, well maintained, and that the pups have both fresh food and water. You also want to work with a breeder that encourages you to spend time with the puppy’s mother, and if possible, the father as well.

Just as the breeder would ask you questions, you too need to come prepared with questions. You want someone who is not just selling Bulldog puppies but also knowledgeable about the breed.

Another aspect of a reputable breeder is someone who has a good veterinarian. This way, you would have proof that the puppies have been checked for any genetic conditions, although they rarely have this problem. However, the puppies should be wormed and have initial shots.

The breeder should be helpful in showing you how to care for this breed, offering suggestions regarding food, grooming, exercise, training, and so on.

Finally, make sure you ask for references and then follow up before you buy. It is easy to see the first Bulldog puppy and fall in love but if you are going to have the 8 to 10-year commitment, it is important you do your homework first.


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