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Everything About Culture Facts

None of these cultural values or metaphors can be labeled as “right” or “wrong”, these are just some of cultural differences that there are in this world. We can learn and be that much more prepared!

There are many complexities when thinking about culture(s). Here are a few points to consider.

Culture Facts


What Is Culture?

Culture is a system of learned sets of behavior classified by region, country, language, family. Culture is not something that you inherit biologically.

Did you know that there are millions of rules, regulations, attitudes and values that make up any given culture!


A Melting Pot

This is a metaphor for cultures melting together to form one common culture. It can also refer to intermarriages happening between ethnicities.

There are societies that are like melting pots. The Unites States of America is often described as this, especially when referring to immigrants assimilating into the society.


Cultural Mosaic

A mosaic is talking about the mix of ethnicities, languages and cultures that co-exist within a society. It is intended to champion the idea of multiculturalism.

Canada is often described as being a mosaic. Each new wave of immigrants has added to the nations cultural composition. There are many other societies that operate in other ways(monocultures for example). There are strength and weaknesses in any system!


Cold Climate Culture

For the next two points I want to talk about cultural differences described by Sarah Lanier in the book “Foreign to Familiar“. She describes categorical differences she has experienced. These are generalizations!

Cold Climate cultures would be in reference to Europe, Canada and most of the United States.

  • Task and logic oriented
  • Direct communication
  • Time oriented
  • Individualistic
  • Private
  • Hospitality is planned


Hot Climate Culture

Hot based Cultures would be referring to Central and South America, Africa and most of Asia.

  • Relationship and feeling oriented
  • Indirect communication
  • Event oriented
  • Group oriented
  • Inclusive
  • Hospitality is spontaneous


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