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Facts About Bulldog Puppies

The bulldog is one of the most popular dog breeds. Bulldogs are medium-sized dogs with strong limbs, short coats and wrinkled faces.

Potential bulldog puppy owners should do their research and make sure that the breed is right for them.


Bulldog Puppies


Litter Size

Bulldog puppies are typically born in litters of four or five. Since bulldog puppies have fairly large heads, female bulldogs usually have to deliver by Caesarean section.



Despite their aggressive appearance, bulldog puppies have kind yet courageous temperaments. They are playful and affectionate pets that love getting attention from their owners.

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Bulldog puppies develop the tendency to dominate as they grow. Consequently, bulldog owners must establish leadership early on so that the puppy will know its place.

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Exercise Needs

Bulldog puppies are very energetic, so they must have plenty of regular exercise each day to prevent unwanted behaviour.


Health Issues

There are several health problems that may be associated with bulldog puppies. These include hip and breathing problems and overheating.

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