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Facts on Meeting People Online

According to statistics from 2009, 1.8 billion people worldwide use the Internet. When you think about this massive number, it just makes sense that meeting people online has become a popular way to make new friends and meet possible love interests.

Social networking, including dating locales just as destinations like Facebook, make meeting new individuals practically easy. There are, however, risks that one needs to keep in mind when using the Internet to meet new people. Common sense and caution are important to make sure you stay safe.

Meeting People Online



The first online dating service was Match.com. It was launched in 1995, and by 2002 it had 26.6 million people registered. Since Match.com was introduced, thousands of Internet dating services have sprung up.

There are niche sites for people of different religions, cultures, beliefs and desires. There are even sites that cater to vegetarians seeking to meet other vegetarians, as well as married people looking to have affairs.



With the advent and proliferation of computers and the Internet, communication in general is changing. Handwritten letters have in large part been replaced by email messages; phone calls have been replaced be instant messaging and text messages.

It therefore logically follows that people will increasingly be using their computers to meet new people. The definition of meeting someone used to involve face-to-face interaction, but now people meet online. They use instant messaging, email and chat rooms to communicate.



Today’s norms and customs are rapidly changing, as technology plays such a large role in our lives. Not only can people meet via online dating sites but also through social networking tools, such as Twitter and Facebook.

The Internet has allowed someone on one continent to meet and interact, at least virtually, with someone across the world. Traditional boundaries to communication no longer exist.



The Internet allows people to meet others online who have common interests and goals. Not only are there dating sites but also hobby and special interest group sites, as well as chat rooms.

Match.com even has specific categories for different ethnic groups, as well as seniors looking for love.



People meeting others online do need to be aware of that fact that not everyone on the Internet has good intentions. Parents, especially, need to be aware of this fact and take precautions.

According to The Growing Up with Media survey, “Perpetrator-victims of Internet harassment and unwanted sexual solicitation have emerged as a particularly important group for adolescent health professionals to be aware of, identify and treat or refer into services immediately.”


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