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Fat Burning Workout for the Hamstrings & Inner Thighs

Although the idea of spot reduction is a myth, in order to lose weight from any area on your body, including your hamstrings and inner thighs, you need an effective cardio workout. Cardio exercise blasts away calories and, along with a caloric deficit of about 3,500 calories a week, you can safely lose around one pound of fat per week.


Fat Burning Workout for the Hamstrings



The warm-up period pre-workout is always important, to help warm your muscles up and prepare your body for what it’s about to do. Fit in at least five to 10 minutes for a decent warm-up session. For a cardio workout, stick to dynamic stretches and low to moderate intensity cardio activity, such as brisk walking, running or jumping rope, to warm up before your workout.


Workout Right

Although you can’t target fat loss from any specific area, there are certain cardio exercises that better engage the hamstrings and adductors. Jumping rope, sprints, stair climbing, and kickboxing are all effective exercise ideas. Spend at least 30 minutes doing moderate-intensity cardio, or give it your all with high-intensity interval training and you can drop that time to 15 or even just 10 minutes for an even more efficient fat-burning workout.


Stop to Stretch

After a moderate to intense cardio workout, it’s always important to allow your body to cool down instead of just stopping altogether. This gradual cool-down period post-workout is essential to prevent dizziness and fainting – keep your body working at a moderate to slow pace for at least five minutes after the workout. Stretching for five to 10 minutes after this prolongs the cool-down period and also offers other benefits, including improved flexibility and the prevention of next-day muscle stiffness and soreness.


Keep Some Variety

Keeping variety in your workouts is always important. This prevents you from physically plateauing by allowing your body to become accustomed to the workout, so it’s no longer being challenged. Add different exercises to your routine on a regular basis to prevent this from happening. Work out for two weeks five days a week for 30-minute sessions, then change it to three to four days for 45 minutes. Even the slightest changes help keep your body challenged and result in maximum benefits from your workout.


Lift Some Weights

Although you can’t spot reduce with cardio, you can use targeted strength-training exercises to build muscle in the desired areas. For the hamstrings, squats, lunges and step-ups are ideal. For the adductor muscles along your inner thighs, try the cable lying hip adduction, leg lifts and standing leg swings. Along with regular cardio helping to burn those layers of fat off, these resistance exercises will help you show off tight, defined thighs.


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