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Food Gift Packaging Ideas

Food gifts from your own kitchen are not only thoughtful, they are frugal, too.

But sometimes packaging them attractively costs more than your Christmas budget might like; with that in mind, here are some easy, inexpensive, sometimes recycled, and attractive ways to package your Christmas food gifts this year.


Coffee Cans

Select an empty coffee can and pour a little white vinegar in it. Add water to the brim of the can and allow it to soak for a day or two; this will remove the coffee smell. Wrap the can (with the lid off) with pretty wrapping paper.

Hot glue rick rack or ribbon trim over the top, then fill with homemade treats. Metal coffee cans can also be stripped completely of their label, making shiny, modern containers for food gifts.

Coffee Cans


Oatmeal Cans

Wrap and trim, as described above for the coffee can.

Oatmeal Cans


Cardboard Tubes

Wrap the outside of a clean cardboard tube (such as the kind chips come in), then slide cookies inside.

You may also use other types of cardboard tubes, but be sure to wrap the cookies or other treats in waxed paper or cellophane before placing them inside the tube.


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Gift Boxes

Purchase inexpensive gift boxes and wrap the bottom and top separately. Be sure to line the inside of the lid and box with paper, too.

This looks most impressive if a different, but complimentary, paper is used on the lid.

Gift Boxes


Fruit Containers

Thoroughly wash a plastic fruit container and pat it dry. Glue fuzzy ribbon around the bottom of the container, where it meets the lid. Fill with goodies and add a tag.


Wine Bottles

Wash and thoroughly dry the bottle, inside and out. Spray the outside of the bottle with a frosted glass spray. Fill with a homemade liquid treat.

Wine Bottles


Oversized Coffee Mugs

Purchase an inexpensive oversized mug and fill it with home made candy. Wrap the whole in cellophane tied with a ribbon.



Purchase simple, inexpensive stockings and fill them with cellophane-wrapped goodies of nearly any kind.


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