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Fun Interactive Ideas for a Marriage Seminar

Marriage seminars don’t have to maintain a serious tone throughout the teachings and activities. Sometimes a little levity and fun can break the ice, break the monotony and break through hard issues couples face.

Tangible activities that are lighthearted will carry over into couples’ lives long after the seminar has drawn to a close. For many, learning how to have fun is key to a long, satisfying marriage, but couples may have to be taught techniques or given tools to take home with them to implement later.

Interactive Ideas for a Marriage Seminar


The Newlywed Game

The Newlywed Game is a fun activity that promises to bring plenty of laughter to the event. It doesn’t matter if everyone in the audience gets to play. What matters is seeing real couples answer funny questions that always incite plenty of guffaws.

It’s a great game to play at the beginning of the seminar or right after the first break. It’s best to invite couples who actually volunteer for the game as opposed to “drafting” unwilling participants. The questions shouldn’t lead into anything that could be fuel for an argument later. Keep it light–the goal is to get everyone in a jovial mood. If necessary, give a list of answers to choose from.

For instance, “Your wife would use which of the following movies to describe your first date: Scary Movie, Love at First Bite, Gone With the Wind or Speed?”


Stuck Like Glue

Challenge the couples to touch for a specified period of time. This activity is best if there is a break for lunch or browsing the resource tables. During the break, the couples must touch each other at all times (except for bathroom breaks, of course).

Whether it be holding hands, playing footsie under the table or making sure they walk while allowing their clothing to brush each other, they must stay in continual physical contact. The goal is to get used to being close and to the intimacy that even something as simple as standing next to one another can create. It can get quite comical at various points in the break as one or the other wants to go in opposite directions or say hello to an acquaintance.


Prophesy to Your Spouse

The word prophesy means “to encourage.” In this activity, the couples are given the unique task of encouraging one another, starting at the seminar and for a week afterward. They must each write nine encouraging phrases or words, each on a separate card.

They will start the seminar by reading one of the cards to their spouses before the first speaker starts. They must read another card to each other before they leave. The other cards are to be read at home, once a day for the next week. Sometimes the biggest hurdle in a couple’s life is remembering to say nice things–those small words of encouragement that motivate and soften one another.


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