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How Jogging Affects Your Body Fat Composition

Achieving and maintaining healthy body fat composition significantly reduces your risk of many serious health conditions, and incorporating regular bouts of jogging can make a significant impact. Your fat composition is the percentage of your body made up of fat tissue. When you jog regularly, you can burn enough calories to stimulate the breakdown of fat.




Body Fat Composition

Having an adequate amount of fat is important for ensuring you’re able to maintain proper bodily functions. Fat also serves as protection for our vital organs and to help keep the body insulated. Women naturally have more fat to help with child birth. However, too much body fat, especially around your stomach and waist, increases your risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke. According to the University of New Mexico, a healthy body fat percentage range for women is 18 to 30 percent and for men is 10 to 25 percent.



Jogging has the potential to make an impact on your body fat composition because of its ability to burn a high number of calories relatively quickly. How many calories you burn depends on a few things, including how quickly you’re jogging, the duration of your workout and your body weight. According to a calorie-burned chart provided by MayoClinic.com, a 160-pound person will burn about 606 calories in an hour of jogging at 5 mph, and 861 calories if they bump up their speed to 8 mph. A 200-pound person will burn about 755 calories in an hour of jogging at 5 mph, and about 1,074 calories when jogging at 8 mph.


Impact on Body Fat

The calories burned from jogging can cause a reduction in body fat composition. If you burn more calories than you take in everyday, you force your body to break down the fat you have stored so it can be converted to fuel. The calories you burn from your jogging workouts are added to those you naturally burn throughout the day as your body maintains proper function. When you burn 3,500 more calories than you consume, you lose a pound of fat and your body fat composition decreases.


Other Considerations

Jogging only decreases your body fat composition if you also limit your calorie intake. To create the caloric deficit needed to break down stored body fat, you’ve also got to make adjustments to what you’re eating and drinking so that you’re setting yourself up for success. If you’re consistent with your jogging workouts but consuming high-calorie meals, you won’t create the caloric deficit needed for fat loss. Take in too many calories and create a caloric surplus, and you’ll be increasing your body fat composition.


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