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How to Find Cheap Hotels in Mackinac Island, Michigan

Majestic Mackinac Island seems untouched by time. This Midwest getaway is one of the few “all-natural” attractions in America.

Experience the charm and appeal of this Victorian escape, where transportation is limited to horse and buggy, bicycle and foot.


Find Cheap Hotels in Mackinac Island, Michigan


Know Your Destination

1. Breathe deep in the smog-free air.

There are no automobiles on the island, which helps to maintain its nineteenth-century aura.


2. Experience the feeling of days gone by.

Reserve a horse-drawn carriage to transport you from place to place, or rent a bicycle at one of the island’s many bike shops.


3. Visit Mackinac Island at any time of year.

Be forewarned, however, that summertime prices are a bit higher. If you’re looking for bargains, come in winter, spring or fall.


Explore the Wonders of Mackinac Island

4. Enjoy the true beauty of the island.

Unusual natural limestone formations and an abundance of mysterious caves are among its natural charms.


5. Be sure to plan an adventure to Skull Cave, Arch Rock and Sugar Loaf, just a few of the natural limestone formations the island has to offer.


6. Get inspired.

Many nineteenthth-century authors, including Edward Everett Hale and Constance Fenimore Woolson, were moved by the island’s beauty to write and compose.


7. Delve into history firsthand by scheduling a visit to historic Fort Mackinac.

Guided tours bring this National Historic Landmark to life.


8. Enjoy the beauty and tranquility of more than 500 butterflies from all over the world at the Mackinac Island Butterfly House.

Spend as much time as you like watching these beautiful specimens in flight.


Choose Your Accommodations

9. To book accommodations, contact Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau at (800) 454-5227 or visit their Web site.


10. Experience beautiful views and cheap accommodations.

In keeping with the island’s old-time feel, most hotels feature the Victorian décor of the nineteenth century.


11. Check out the availability of condominiums, suites and cottages, though these accommodations more expensive than the local hotels.


12. Find more romantic accommodations by making reservations at one of the many cheap bed-and-breakfast inns on the island.


Tips and Warnings
Get to know the locals! There are only about 500 permanent residents living on the island, but summertime brings a boatload of seasonal residents who maintain bluff cottages in their original state.


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