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How to Get Maryland Land Records

Maryland land records consist of property deeds and documentation of wills and estates. Maryland land records can also include mortgages and liens against a deed.

Depending on the type of Maryland property search or documentation that you are seeking, you can find them in various ways. Luckily, you can get Maryland land records by knowing where avenues are available for you to find them.


5 Steps to Get Maryland Land Records

Maryland Land Records


1. Find Maryland land records that consist of property deeds, wills, estates, mortgages, and other liens at local county courthouses in the Probate Division/Office of the Register of Wills or Register of Deeds.

Determine the jurisdiction of the said information before you proceed on any type of Maryland property search. Jurisdiction is determined by where the residence of an individual or property location is located in a particular county. There are 23 counties in the MD state and they all include deed and other Maryland land records with yearly property tax information.


2. Visit local real estate agents in your area for Maryland land records for property deeds.

Agents have special licenses and the knowledge to gather details for said documents. If you are doing a Maryland property search on a particular location, they may be able to assist you in finding the deed holders.

Ask if they may be able to check their previous records to see if they have any of the Maryland land records that you are seeking.


3. Use the MD state digital imaging online service for Maryland land records.

The service is provided to web users to find Maryland land records via online. Maryland property search options are provided by the state’s archives and MD judiciary. Use the resource below to visit the MD state digital imagining for Maryland land records.


4. Go to the location if the property is vacant to obtain Maryland land records for the said site.

Only do this if the location is for sale by the owner. Ask to see documentation of the deed and any tax assessment information. Inquire if there is a lien against the said site. Consult a licensed MD attorney to perform an accurate Maryland property search of the deed before putting any funds down.


5. Access online property documentation sites to obtain Maryland land records.

Many firms have a database of Maryland property search records; however, they may charge a small fee for their services to supply you with any documentation. Most allow a free search to check if they have the particular Maryland land records that you are seeking.


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