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How to Give a Great Head Massage

A head massage can spread relaxation through the entire body.


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5 Steps to Give a Great Head Massage

Head Massage


1. Stand or kneel behind your friend who should be lying comfortably on a chair or table.


2. Use your fingers to make small circles all over the scalp, starting at the front of the hairline and working toward the back of the head and base of the neck.

Move the scalp around to release tension.


3. Stroke and then grasp hair near roots and pull toward you gently.

Release and pull with the other hand. Repeat until you have pulled hair on entire scalp.


4. Place your finger tips behind neck, letting head rest lightly, slowly and smoothly draw your hands toward you.

Keep the neck straight and stretch slowly. Repeat three or four times.


5. Gently press hands on side of head at temples.

Slowly release. Next, slide hand up sides of head, through hair and to top. Repeat two or three times to complete massage.


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How to Give a Great Head Massage


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