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How to Give a Relaxation Massage

Giving a relaxation massage is one of the most caring and beneficial things you can do for a loved one.

Follow these basic steps to learn how.


Things You’ll Need

  • Massage cream or lotion


6 Steps to Give a Relaxation Massage

relaxation massage


1. Play some soft music, light a scented candle and turn off any bright lights in the area.


2. Have your loved one take off their shirt and lie face down on the bed or massage table.


3. Begin by putting lotion on your hands and placing your hands on either side of their spine at the lower back.

Use slow, long strokes and press down going all the way up the back to the base of the neck. Repeat several times.


4. Place one hand at the bottom of the spine and the other hand at the top.

Using a rocking motion, move their torso back and forth using the pressure of your hands. Count to twenty while you are doing this to make sure you have given them plenty of time to relax.


5. If your loved one is complaining of “knots” in their shoulder area, have them sit straight up in a chair and stand behind them.

Gently squeeze the shoulder area, rubbing your thumbs along the bottoms of the shoulder blades. Using a circling motion, circle your thumbs on top of any hard places (knots) that you might find in the muscle. If you are using the right amount of pressure, you will be able to feel exactly where the muscle is that is hurting them.


6. End the massage with a few light, long stroke along the spine.

This awakens the nerve endings and prepares them for getting up.


Tips and Warnings

  • Remember, using to much pressure is counteractive to massage, as this only makes their muscles more tense. Watch their reaction. If he or she has a look of pain on their face, back off on the pressure.
  • They may be so grateful that you are giving them a massage that they don’t want to complain and tell you that it hurts.


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How to Give a Relaxation Massage


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