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How to Enjoy a Head and Scalp Massage

A massage is a wonderful thing. Nothing else is so relaxing and yet so stimulating at the same time. The need to be touched is universal, and a massage is a great, socially acceptable way to get that feeling.

Typically, the back is the favorite site for massages, but the legs, arms and even feet are also great spots. Depending on who is giving you the massage, there are few areas of the body that won’t benefit from and appreciate a warm and gentle touch.

A massage can be therapeutic, as I mentioned in a previous article on using massage to stop a headache.

However, it can also be used purely for pleasure and relaxation, as we will see today.


Things You’ll Need

  • A comfortable chair
  • A massage partner

5 Steps to Enjoy a Head and Scalp Massage

Head and Scalp Massage


1. One of my favorite massage locations is the top of the head.

This area is surprisingly sensitive and responsive to the touch, and if done properly, this type of massage will relax you and send a tingle down your legs, even better than the one that Chris Matthews gets.


2. If you are receiving the massage, get into a relaxed and comfortable position.

This is very important, since the whole point of this is to get your muscles to loosen up and release their tension.

Lying down on your stomach, with your arms by your side is the best position for a back massage, but it is often better to sit in a comfortable chair when receiving a head or scalp massage.

Just be careful, because if you doze off, you might go tumbling out of your chair, and that will sort of defeat the purpose of trying to relax.


3. If you really need a massage, then your muscles are probably very tense.

Even if you don’t realize it, it is amazing how much tension you can build up in your day to day life. Therefore, the massage should start gently but firmly, sort of like warming up before playing sports.


4. Enjoy those fingers through your hair.

If you have never had a scalp massage, this may seem a little strange at first. Let’s face it, for most of us, our barber or hairdresser is the only person that ever touches us there, and that is in a different way.

So, if it doesn’t feel great right away, just relax. Like so many things in life, it gets better with experience.


5. Try to Stay Awake

This is the hardest part for me, since this type of massage puts me to sleep in a matter of minutes. I often find myself struggling to remain conscious, since I want to continue enjoying how warm and relaxed it makes me feel. That’s why I gave the above caution, you really do have to be careful not to fall out of your chair.


I hope that you will try this for yourself. While you are at it, share one with a friend or loved one. If you do, I’m sure that both of you will enjoy it in the same way that I do.


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Tips & Warnings
Try to stay awake.


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How to Enjoy a Head and Scalp Massage


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