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How to Heal After a Cesarean

After a cesarean there are a few things you can do to heal quickly.


5 Steps to Heal After a Cesarean

Heal After a Cesarean


1. Getting up and moving as soon as possible will decrease your chances for blood clots.

Blood clots cause more significant problems and moving around reduces those problems. Have a health care worker with you the first time you get up, as some women faint the first time or two.


2. Take the pain medication.

You may think you can handle the pain, but it is easier to control the pain before it gets debilitating. You will need to take the pain medication so you are able to move around freely without too much discomfort.


3. Take walks often the first several days.

The more you move around, the easier it will be to move. You should aim for a 5 minute walk 4 times a day or more. Walking gets the blood flowing properly and speeds healing.


4. Drink fluids.

Hydrating increases the bodies ability to heal itself. Drink fluid often to stay hydrated, especially important if you are nursing.


5. Do not do more than you can.

Lifting heavy objects (even ten pounds is heavy after major surgery) may cause damage and increase your healing time. Avoid heavy lifting, heavy housework, or exercise as your doctor suggests.


Tips and Warnings

  • Walk often!
  • Ask for help, you don’t have to be super woman.
  • Take the advise of your physician regarding pain medication, exercise and housework.
  • Do not overdo anything. You need to stay healthy to take care of your baby.

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