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How to Make Arrangements for a Funeral

Planning a funeral is tedious and stressful. While no one looks forward to making funeral arrangements, it’s an unfortunate part of life.

However, planning the memorial service doesn’t have to be nerve-racking. The key is to handle one task at a time, and solicit help from family and friends.


6 Steps to Make Arrangements for a Funeral

Make Arrangements for a Funeral

1. Pick a funeral home

Choosing the funeral home is one of the easier tasks. However, family members need to speak with the director and discuss the procedure and cost. The director can also assist with coffins and burial plots.


2. Choose a funeral location

Family members can plan to hold the memorial service at the funeral home or a church. If the deceased individual wasn’t affiliated with a religious organization, funeral homes are great locations for the service.


3. Set a date and time for the memorial service

Speak with the funeral home and church and coordinate a date.


4. Schedule a date for the wake

On average, relatives hold a wake or viewing a few nights prior to the funeral services. This allows ample time for loved ones to view the body and comfort the deceased person’s family.


5. Plan the music and funeral program

While funerals are cheerless occasions, it’s normal to choose music and develop a program of events. Choose a person to deliver the eulogy and arrange for close family and friends to say a few words.


6. Coordinate an “after-service” meal

After a funeral service, it’s customary for attendees to enjoy a meal together. Host the meal at a restaurant, a family member’s home or use the funeral home’s reception room.


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