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How to Write a Personal Ad Seeking a Woman

Many people write personal ads in the hope of finding love and happiness; the trend is especially prevalent thanks to the arrival of online and text dating. Ads often include content that portray the writer as special or unique. Write a personal ad that accurately reflects your personality, but that makes you stand out from the crowd.


Write a Personal Ad Seeking a Woman

Personal Ad Seeking a Woman


Compose a catchy headline for your personal ad; think carefully about what to write. A word limit is usually enforced, so be clear and concise. Concentrate on a personal quality, something you believe a woman would appreciate. A phrase such as, “kind-hearted bachelor, free to good home,” stresses a good point while injecting a little humor.

Describe your interests in a detailed and honest way; do not fluff up your ad with useless information. Be truthful about your hobbies and interests; this increase your chances of a compatible match, and avoids possible embarrassment later on. Include basic details such as occupation, location and status. Be honest without being boring; let your personality shine through in your ad. Showing your personality — rather than writing about it — is much more appealing to potential matches.

Explain exactly the type of person you are looking for; if you seek a woman with no children, state this in your ad. Describe yourself, and what you are looking for in a woman. Ads containing equal information on the person advertising, and the potential respondent, are the most popular types.

Read your final draft several times. Check the ad for spelling errors or “text speak.” You are effectively advertising yourself, and an ad littered with spelling mistakes or text abbreviations is off-putting and hard to read. Ask a woman you trust to read the ad for you, and give her honest opinion.


Tips & Warnings

Always inform a friend or family member if you are planning to meet someone you do not know. Tell them where you are going, who you are going with and give them a contact number.


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