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Miniature Pinscher Training Guide

This small, popular breed makes a great family pet, but basic obedience training is a must because of the breed being somewhat headstrong. The Miniature Pinscher can be demanding and may even try to take control of the household if given the chance.

However, with the proper training to teach the young dog that you are in control, the Miniature Pinscher can become a loyal companion.


How to Train Miniature Pinscher

Many owners discover that the Miniature Pinscher is very loyal to its master, acting courageously when another dog or a stranger is in the area. Remember, this breed is a very intelligent and animated. In fact, you will find this breed is almost fearless. Sometimes described as dynamite in a small package, the Miniature Pinscher can be a challenge to train unless the owner and/or a professional trainer have the time and patience to work with the dog properly.

Of course, the best way to train the Miniature Pinscher, or any dog, is while your new pet is still a puppy. Dogs are more capable and willing to learn when they are young. Therefore, if you give the dog a good start, it will usually respond very well to basic obedience training and rules that you establish. Even so, you should not use too strong a hand with the Miniature Pinscher, because its spirit and pride would not allow this. Instead, you should be firm but also provide positive reinforcement and praise.

You will have to correct your Miniature Pinscher, even though its natural cuteness makes this difficult. If you go to the other extreme and are too strong in your demands or too rough with your treatment, you may be heading for real trouble with this breed. It would be best if you avoid spoiling your Miniature Pinscher, although this can be difficult because almost all dogs in this breed like attention, often acting up even more when it knows it is being funny. In other words, the Miniature Pinscher is not for everyone.


Miniature Pinscher Training Guide


Once your dog knows that you are in control and you cannot be bluffed by its antics, you would probably find that the Miniature Pinscher enjoys training. In fact, this breed would try even harder to please you. Most dogs of this level of intelligence will not put up with too much silliness, actually trying to out-think you just to see what the limits are. If you begin the training with positive reinforcement in mind and remain consistent with this approach, you should meet with success.

One of the keys to having a good experience with your Miniature Pinscher is to make sure that you establish the places in the home that are off limits, such as certain furniture, tables, counters, and so on. Along with this, make sure that small items the dog could steal or choke on, such as hard candy, bottle caps, and small toys, are put away. The Miniature Pinscher loves to investigate, often picking up small items that could pose danger.

Some owners have had success in paper-training their Miniature Pinscher, though many report it takes time to get the young dog to understand exactly what is required. At first, this active little dynamo may want to tear up the paper because it thinks it is something to play with but with patience and consistency, most Miniature Pinschers are intelligent enough to get the idea.

Having a crate for your pet may also be a good idea, because it provides your pet with a place to be alone. In addition, most dog breeds will keep their “den” naturally clean and since the crate serves as the den, the dog will avoid going to the bathroom inside it.

Training a toy breed such as the Miniature Pinscher to go outside when necessary can also be a challenge, but the key with this is to establish routine, taking the dog outside every few hours, and staying with the pattern, without fail.

Your Miniature Pinscher will learn best if you have a firm manner and are consistent.


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