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Top 5 Longest Rivers In the World

1. Nile

This is the longest river in the world. The length of the Nile River is 4183 miles long and it is located mostly in Egypt.The Nile also touches Ethiopia,Zaire,Uganda,Rwanda, Burundi,Tanzania,Kenya and Sudan.

The name Nile is rooted from the Greek word Neilos meaning valley. It has been a strength for farming, drinking, navigation and commerce for thousands of years.

Longest Rivers nile


2. Amazon

A very close longest river is the Amazon River.Investigation is in progress to determine if it is infact longer than the Nile. The Amazon is a highly regarded river since it carries more water than any other river in the world. There are more other water sources that flow into the Amazon than any other river in the world too.



3. Yangtze

This is the longest River in Asia.The meaning of the river is “The Longest River”. The mouth empties into the East China Sea with eleven tributaries adding to the flow in this Chinese River.

This was the home to the now extinct Yangtze River dolphin yet still remains habitat for other endangered species. The importance of the Yangtze River is stated in history statements for use with transportation, commerce, water irrigation, water source, sanitation and even marking boundaries for war.



4. Huang He – Yellow River

Huang He is also known as the Yellow River, formerly known as the Huang Ho. This is the second longest River in China, yet the sixth longest in the world. As estimate of the size is 3,395 miles long.

Dams now hold the water for suitable use and safety. Prior to these in place some of the deadliest natural disasters were recorded because of the Huang He River flooding.

Huang He - Yellow River


5. Ob Intysh – White River

Ob Intysh River name means White River. This merges with the Ob in western Siberia, Russia. The length is 2,640 miles long.

During the winter, November to March, the Ob Intysh can freeze over making the navigation of boats for moving freight almost impossible.

Ob Intysh



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