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Ultimate Guide to Cookie Displays

A proper cookie display is an essential part of any holiday party. There is nothing more festive than a proper cookie display. They can be fun and playful and can be quite a lot of fun to find or put together.

I have a few ideas for you that should get your cookies from just cookies to works of edible home decor in no time.


Reuse That Old Cupcake Display

It was good enough to hold cupcakes at your child’s last birthday party and now it can hold all those soft cookies in on tiered (saving space) delightful display. Don’t be afraid to spray paint it a holiday color if its not quite an appropriate color.

Cookie Displays


Tins and Plates

Certainly the less spectacular of the displays but still very useful if you are transporting your cookies to a cookie swap or a party at someone else’s house. Arrangement in the cookie or plate is crucial. If you’re using a tin feel free to use paper cupcake cups to separate the cookies and give them a bit of protection.

On a page, use parchment paper or a decorative arrangement to take them from “blah” to “ah ha!”


The Hanging Display

This is only for hard cookies only, but the hanging cookie display is always an impressive feat of edible home decor. The nice thing is that you can turn anything that can hold a ribbon into a hanging cookie display.

Anything from a necklace holder to an actual display will do. The best thing is to improvise. If you can hang something off of it, it can be a cookie display.

The most important part about your cookie display (besides eating) is to have fun with it. Feel free to comment with some of your suggestions. I would love to hear them.


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Ultimate Guide to Cookie Displays


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