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What Dogs Are Used in the Military?

We’ve all seen the iconic image of a soldier with his stoic canine buddy by his side. But his buddy is more than just a friend. An integral part of the U.S. armed forces, dogs play an important role in our military today.


Dogs Are Used in the Military



Military Working Dogs, or MWDs as they are known in the military, are hard working, specially trained dogs that assist soldiers on the battlefield and accompany them on peace missions.


Breeds Used Today

The breeds most commonly used today are German shepherds, Belgian Malinois and Labrador retrievers. German shepherds are used the most due to their trainability, intelligence, dependability and ability to work in many different climates.


History of MWDs

Dogs have been used on military battlefields for centuries. The United States did not use military dogs that much until after 1942. Some of the acceptable breeds included Airedale terriers, Irish water spaniels and even Standard Poodles.


Military Duty

The roles dogs play in the military are vast; they include everything from scouts and sentries to tracking and even fighting.


MWDs Today

Military dogs are used for law enforcement and drug and explosives detection, and are trusted members of many military branches.


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