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What Is the Correct CV Format?

Creating a CV, or curriculum vitae, for the purposes of applying for a job is one of the most critical steps in the process.

A poorly constructed CV will reflect poorly on the applicant and can hurt her chances of landing the job. CVs should be created using one of three formats.


Correct CV Format


Chronological Format

The chronological CV format is the one most commonly used by job seekers. This format works best for people who are looking to apply for a job similar to the one they held previously.

The most recent employment history is listed first, providing potential new employers with the most relevant work experience ahead of everything else.


Functional Format

The functional CV format is designed to showcase the applicant’s most relevant skills as they apply to the job in question. Rather than list prior work experience at the top, the applicant lists his related skills and abilities first, followed by all other experience and work history.


Combination Format

This format uses elements from both the chronological format and the functional format. The applicant will list his most relevant skill set ahead of everything else, as it pertains to the job in question. Employment history will follow in chronological order. Other assorted skills and experience are given last.


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