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Cooking Principles with Seafood

Fish and other seafood items allow for such fun because most of them are fibrous and they will accept almost any flavor.

There are a few cooking principles to remember with seafood such as:

  • Juices and fruit go very well because the meat will receive citrus and other acids.
  • Strong flavors like pepper and clove can be over-powering so use with care.
  • Fish can be combined with vegetables quite well especially if you’re using the grille.
  • Some fish tend to be rather dry and need the benefit of a great sauce, however, avoid heavy cream sauces.
  • Fish can be fried, grilled, baked, boiled, sauteed and more so don’t afraid to convert some of your favorite dishes to fish dishes.
  • Fish does usually come with the skin, which may need to be removed depending on how you are cooking the fish. Skin can keep the fish from burning on the grille and can add flavor in a stew. In most other applications it just gets in the way so keep the filet knife handy.
  • Fish is a very healthy meat so over the next few days alongside my diet posts I’ll be working on some great fish recipes. Including my lemon pepper salmon, my spicy oysters on the half shell, my new England clam bake (southern style), and my spicy tilapia.


Cooking Principles with Seafood

Although we didn’t talk about many recipes today, remember to Enjoy and to take advantage of the important things, good food, good friends, and good conversation.


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Cooking Principles with Seafood


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