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Free Valentine’s Ideas for Him

Most people are trying to cut back on excessive spending, and the holidays are no exception. Valentine’s Day, with it’s advertising blitz of candy and flowers, can be an expensive holiday. It’s the thought that counts, however, and sometimes a free gift can mean much more than the tastiest chocolates.

Show the man in your life how much you love and appreciate him by putting a lot of thought into a selecting or planning a creative and free gift.


Free Valentine’s Ideas for Him

Free Valentine's Ideas for Him

A Picnic Lunch

Take him out for a homemade picnic lunch. All men love good food, especially if it’s homemade. Skip the crowded restaurants on the night of Valentine’s Day, and surprise him at work with a picnic lunch. Eat at a nearby park, or if the weather is bad, make it a picnic dinner on your living room floor in front of a cozy fire.

Stock the picnic basket with his favorites, along with a cold beer or glass of wine. Light some candles and create a romantic dinner for two, all from the ingredients already present in your pantry.


Bedroom Games

Add a little spice to your love life. Indulge in a little bedroom creativity this Valentine’s Day and make his heart (and other parts) sing.

For some creative ideas on things you can do to rev up his engine. Along these lines, try making him a sexy video.



Take him back in time by visiting some old hangouts. Look through his high school yearbooks and patiently listen to him tell you for the hundredth time about the day he almost won the championship game, or how his old girlfriend broke his heart.

Hop in the car and visit your old parking place, if it isn’t a new housing development. If you are married, get out the honeymoon photos and talk about your memories of that special time.


Man’s Day Out

While it’s true that Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers, make your man a happy camper by promising him what he really wants: a man’s day out, officially sanctioned by you. Maybe you will agree to leave the house so he can have a poker party, or better yet, stay for the poker party and keep the men supplied with food.

Maybe you can contact his boss and arrange for him to have a day or two off for a long weekend of hunting. Whatever it is, print out an official-looking coupon on the computer and present it to him with your solemn promise that you will give him his own special day.


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