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How to Do the Double Hip Squeeze

Many moms in labor experience low back pain or pressure. As the baby settles lower into the pelvis, the head puts more pressure on the sacrum.

To counter this pressure, moms generally like the hip squeeze. It’s an effective, non-medicinal pain relief. It can be performed using one partner or two. Here is how.


5 Steps to Do the Double Hip Squeeze

Double Hip Squeeze


1. Mom should be in a position where her back and hips are exposed.

By exposed, I mean that her partner should be able to reach them easily. The easiest way to do this is by getting on all fours either on the floor or on the bed.


2. With one partner, the partner must use both hands.

He can stand over her or kneel behind her with his knees on the outside of her legs.


3. The partner should take his palms and place them on the top of her ilium crests with his fingers pointing inward toward the lower part of her back.

At the same time, he should push steadily inward and slightly upward. When this movement is done correctly, Mom will generally feel a relief in the lower part of her back.


4. If two partners are present, each partner should stand on opposite sides of Mom.


5. Each partner should place one palm on Mom’s ilium.

At the same time, both partners should push in slightly, then upwards, giving Mom a sensation of back relief.


Tips and Warnings

  • Partners should apply this movement anytime the mother requests, which is typically during a contraction.
  • If you are doing this solo, try other comfort measures because your hands and shoulders will get very sore from continuous pressing in.
  • Ask Mom how much pressure she likes. Typically, she will tell you before you have to ask.
  • Make sure you don’t press too hard. Too much pressure can make the mother’s hips feel very sore or bruised the next day.


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