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How to Write Your Own Labor Relaxation Script

The process of giving birth is called “labor” for a reason — it’s hard work. Although there’s nothing relaxing about the physical process of giving birth, you can relax your mind. In fact, the more calming the environment, the less likely you are to focus on the pain.

Soft lighting and soft music can help, and so can softly spoken words. A labor relaxation script directs the mind to focus on things that will help you achieve a beautiful birth experience.


6 Steps to Write Your Own Labor Relaxation Script

Labor Relaxation Script


1. Take notes.

Get comfortable and write down the things that make you feel relaxed. This might be a location, such as soft grass near a trickling stream, or it might be a trigger, such as the warmth of a cozy fire.


2. Begin to write the script.

Start by telling yourself to mentally go to the place you wrote down earlier — the place where you feel most relaxed.


3. Tell your muscles to relax, from the feet up to the head.

Focus on your own problem areas. If you tend to clench your fists, for example, write into the script that each finger will uncurl and relax.


4. Remind yourself to breathe.

Proper breathing is an important part of labor, so write it into your script. Tell yourself to take deep, slow breaths, releasing tension as you exhale.


5. Include some water images, unless you are afraid of water.

The motion of water can mimic the waves of contractions. Make the waves gentle and warm in your script. This may ease your contraction pain.


6. Finish by imagining a successful, peaceful birth.

Talk about the movement of the baby traveling down the birth canal and entering a world where she is greatly loved.


Tips and Warnings
You may want to record someone saying the script rather than depending on your partner to read it. Some partners may not be calm enough to read the script in a soothing tone when labor is at its peak.


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