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How to Make a Balloon Crown

Most kids love to play with balloon animals and props. The balloon crown is an example of a classic prop that provides hours of fun and is simple to make.

Use the information below to learn how to make a balloon crown.


Things You’ll Need

  • Three long balloons


6 Steps to Make a Balloon Crown

How to Make a Balloon Crown


1. Create a helmet base with a single, full balloon.

Make a bubble on one end by twisting it, then wrap the balloon around the head to get the correct size and twist the end to the bubbled end. You will have a round circle with an end sticking up.


2. Take the end that is sticking up and bend it back across the length of the base.

Twist the end to attach it to the other side of the helmet.


3. Blow up two additional balloons so they’re the same length.

While holding them together, fold them in half and twist them in the center. You’ll end up with both balloons joined in an X shape.


4. Grab two ends of the balloons and feed them through a section of the helmet base until they’re positioned halfway through.

Then, twist the ends to attach them to the helmet base.


5. Take the two knotted ends of the second and third balloons and connect those to one end of the helmet base by twisting them.

Then, take the two rounded ends of the second and third balloons and connect them to the other end of the helmet base in the same fashion. You have now completed the basic crown shape.


6. Twist balloons of different shapes and colors to the top of the crown to change the look.


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How to Make a Balloon Crown


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