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How to Use a Hanging Squat Position in Labor

Laboring moms often want to change positions throughout their labor. Not only does it feel good, but it assists the baby in his or her rotation through the pelvis.

One position that is particularly helpful in assisting a baby to drop down into the pelvis is called the hanging squat position.


8 Steps to Use a Hanging Squat Position in Labor

Hanging Squat Position in Labor


1. Tie a double knot at the end of your long sheet.


2. Find a door that shuts tightly and one that no one will be going in and out of.


3. Throw the knotted part of the sheet over the top of the door and close the door.

When the door is shut, you should not see the knot. It should be on the other side of the door.


4. Once the door is shut tightly, give the sheet a tug to make sure the knot is catching on the other side.


5. Take both hands and place them about midways on the sheet making sure you have a good grip.


6. Slowly bend your knees and lower your body to the ground by straightening out your arms.


7. In a true hanging squat, the sheet will be supporting your body weight and you will just let your bottom hang loose.

Try to stay this way through a few contractions.


8. When you are ready to get up, have your support person put their forearms underneath your armpits to assist you in standing.


Tips and Warnings

  • Use this comfort measure to take the strain off your legs if you’ve been standing a long time
  • This position is great for getting babies to drop down into the pelvis when mother is complete and baby is still high in the pelvis.
  • Do not use a sheet that has holes or weak spots in it. You do not want it to tear while it is supporting you.
  • Do not use a door that may have people walking in and out of. If you are laboring in a hospital, use the bathroom door, not the main entry door to your room.
  • Make sure mom has a support person with her to assist getting down or up.


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