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Subtle Ways to Show Affection

A little subtle affection can go a long way. Affection is useful whether you’re trying to show someone you like them or whether you’re in a 20-year relationship.

When it comes to ideas, the possibilities are nearly endless. However, there are a few basic tactics that act as universal signs of affection.


Hugs & Kisses

For established relationships, simple and small kisses can work like a charm to signify affection. Even small kisses on the cheek or forehead can get the job done. If you’re in a relationship, a hug can have the same effect, especially if you rarely give hugs.

It also shows affection to people you’re not in a relationship with and can help to signify interest if given randomly.

Hugs & Kisses


Notes & Unexpected Gifts

Quick and cheap, notes can show affection easily. A simple note saying “I love you” or “hope you have a great day” can help lighten the mood and make someone feel better throughout their day.

People expect gifts on their birthday or Christmas, but an unexpected gift at an unexpected time can charm your way into, or back into, someone’s good graces.

Notes & Unexpected Gifts


Holding Hands

Sometimes affection ends when people hit public grounds. Although no one’s urging you to become an expert at public displays of affection, a little bit can be useful for showing someone you care. Even holding your partner’s hand offers a subtle hint that you’re thinking about that person.

Holding Hands


Smiles and “I Love You”

Smiling at someone makes them happier. Anytime you’re looking to show affection – whether with a stranger or with a love one, you can send them a nice smile. If you’re in love, then there’s no need to hide it. Even if you know that your partner knows you love them, tell them from time to time. It’ll make them feel good, even if it’s just reconfirming what they already know.

Show Affection


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