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Basset Hound : 10 Most Common Questions

The Basset Hound is a wonderful breed of dog, loving, comical, intelligent, and great with children and other animals. For some reason, many people misunderstand this breed, which is why we wanted to provide some answers that might help.

It is true that the Basset Hound looks sad and lazy but the truth is that this dog is very happy, content, loyal, and actually relatively active.


Basset Hound Questions


1. I’ve heard that it’s important to keep the Basset Hound from jumping – why is that?

This breed has more bones in the body than any other dog breed. The results are bowed legs that can be damaged or even permanent crippled. Therefore, it is important to keep a Basset from jumping from heights or doing too much climbing. For this reason, we recommend you keep stairways, balconies, patios, and decks blocked off, and take care if your pet gets up and down beds, couches, and stairs.


2. Is the Basset Hound healthy and how long will it live?

Overall, this breed is very healthy although you do need to remember the bone issue. Other possible illnesses specific to the Basset Hound is a bleeding disorder, which is genetic, turned eyelids, and allergies. By keeping this breed on a healthy diet, keeping exercise to the appropriate level, and providing it with a safe, loving home, you should be able to enjoy your Basset between 10 and 12 years.


3. How many puppies does the Basset Hound usually have?

On average, a mother dog will have about eight puppies. However, larger dogs have been known to have 13, 14, and even 15 puppies. Because of the body structure of the Basset Hound, one that is pregnant is almost comical.


4. Is this breed a good watchdog?

The temperament of the Basset Hound is that of being affectionate, quiet, highly devoted, and calm. You will also find the Basset Hound being a great choice for people with children and/or pets.

Now, if you want a guard dog, the Basset should probably be overlooked but if you want a watchdog, one that will alert when people approach the house, a dog that is protective over its family, the Basset does relatively well. Again, this breed is generally quiet but they are also loyal.


5. What events does the Basset Hound compete in through the American Kennel Club (AKC)?

This breed is quite intelligent and agile. Because of this, dogs competing in show and tracking and field are actually very talented. For instance, common AKC events include obedience, tracking, agility, and field trials.

The agility category is the newest, which involves the dog participating in reaching places, crawling through spaces, and other things that challenge their normal build. For tracking, the dog uses its natural intelligence, determination, and incredible scent to find things.


6. Where does the name “Basset”, originate from?

The name is actually a derivative of the French word “Bas’, which means low or low-slung, referring to the body type of this breed. This type of dwarf breed was initially used for searching out prey due to being low to the ground and having a keen ability to smell.


7. Are Basset Hounds good for confirmation showing?

Yes and in fact, they are considered among the best. For one thing, this breed is extremely easy to groom. Literally, a bath, brush, cleaning of the ears and eyes, and nail clipping is all you need for show unlike other breeds that take hours upon hours to prepare.

Although quiet, most Basset Hounds have great personality. Therefore, when they end up in a show ring in front of hundreds, if not thousands of people, this personality comes to life.


8. We’re looking for a low or none shedding dog and someone told us the Basset Hound was a great choice – is that true?

Unfortunately, you have been given some misinformation. Although the Basset Hound does have a short, smooth coat, the truth is that this breed not only sheds but also sheds a lot! The best way to keep the shedding to a minimum is to brush the coat daily, using a hound’s glove or currycomb.


9. Do Basset Hounds make good walking or jogging partners?

As far as jogging, we do not recommend this, again because of the stress it places on the dog’s bone structure. However, the Basset does like to take walks, although you may need to make frequent stops.

Now, if you plan to take this breed to the park or the woods to hike, make sure you keep it on a lead since its natural desire is to sniff and go.


10. I’ve heard that of all dog breeds, the Basset Hound is one of the laziest – am I correct?

No, the truth is that while the Basset Hound is calm, not overly excitable, it is definitely not a lazy breed. In fact, a healthy Basset would enjoy playtime, exercise, and other daily activity.

You will even find that some dogs within this breed become bored, which then causes problems with destruction such as chewing.


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