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Basset Hound Health Guide

Generally, the Basset Hound is a very healthy breed of dog. When health issues do arise, the majority are directly related to too much weight, which would include things such as back problems and joint conditions.

Basset Hound Health


Basset Hound Health Guide

To help you understand your Basset Hound even better, we have provided some helpful information for you to use as a guide.



Also known as Pano, this condition is caused by inflammation of the long bones seen in Basset Hounds that are between the ages of five months and two years. The good news is that most Basset Hounds will outgrow the condition with few being left with some degree of lameness. The key here is not to exercise a puppy with Pano, thus avoiding future problems.


Von Wilebrand’s Disease

Often referred to as VWD, this genetic disorder affects the blood. Depending on the problem, bleeding could be mild to severe. Studies show that approximately 15% of all Basset Hounds carry the gene causing this platelet abnormality.



This eye disorder can also affect the Basset Hound, although rare. However, if your dog has glaucoma, you would notice symptoms to include pain in the eyes, bulging of the eyes, and light sensitivity. For glaucoma, your Basset Hound would need to be treated by a veterinarian.



This too is a blood platelet disorder that your dog should be checked for, which creates symptoms much like hemophilia in humans.


Eyelid and Eyelash Issues

Due to the way in which the Basset Hound’s eyes are developed, they can have a problem with Ectropian, which is when the eyelids turn inside out. The problem is that a dry cornea develops too, which is painful. The good news is that minor surgery can correct the problem.


Intervertebral Disk Disease

In this case, the Basset Hound may experience a herniated disk, which is typically caused from high jumps off furniture.



Although not too common, some Basset Hounds do have problems with allergies, which can cause sneezing, running nose or eyes, and itchy skin.


Ear Infections

Basset Hounds have long, floppy ears, which mean that airflow is usually restricted. With this, moisture can develop in the ears, causing ear infections. The best option is to use cotton tips or balls to wipe the inside of the ears out once a day.



As mentioned, the number one health problem associated with the Basset Hound is too much weight. This breed loves to eat but the way in which the joints and spine are formed cannot handle it.

Therefore, you need to keep your Basset Hound on a healthy diet, making sure he is given only the actual amount of food needed, coupled with a daily walk


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