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Basset Hound Training Guide

The Basset Hound is a wonderful breed of dog. This breed is extremely intelligent, warm, loving, comical, and it is great with families, especially those with children and other pets. Although the Basset Hound is eager to please and very capable of learning just about any command or trick, it can be stubborn. Therefore, during training sessions, this strong-willed attitude can be a bit of a challenge.

Another important consideration when training the Basset Hound has to do with the breed’s unique bone structure. Of all dog breeds, the Basset has more bone and an odd shape, which is long and compact. Because of this, you want to keep certain activities to a minimum, especially while puppies.

Basset Hound Training


How to Train Basset Hound

For instance, the Basset Hound should not be required or expected to climb up and down stairs, jump off the couch or bed, or take long walks, which can actually cause damage.

Therefore, when training your Basset, it is important to keep the time limited, giving him frequent breaks. Additionally, you cannot overwork this breed, meaning training needs to be done over time with a lot of patience but also consistency.

Now, the thing that surprises many people is that while the Basset Hound is build low to the ground with bowed legs, it is actually a very agile breed. However, remember this breed can be stubborn, so you have to be persistent but patient. In addition, the Basset is not a breed that does well harsh training or punishment. Therefore, it is important you use a reward method as encouragement and positive reinforcement.

Even though the Basset Hound is a gentle breed, it never hurts to teach any dog basic commands. In addition to having a more well behaved animal, it keeps the home more organized and situations safe.

Now, if you plan to use your Basset Hound for show, then the type and intensity of training would differ. In this case, we recommend you work with a professional dog trainer, someone that understands the demands and guidelines of the show ring. Of course, making the determination to show would depend on a number of things to include your dog’s personality, bloodline, and your schedule.

The other side to owning a Basset Hound is for tracking and field trial. In this case, the breed would be trained for specific obedience so agility would be at its peak. Tracking, which would include following scent, and field, which trial, which is more agility work, is something this breed does quite well.

However, just as with any training of the Basset, the breed is very smart but also stubborn in some cases.


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