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Pumpkin Cream with Clams Recipe

Pumpkin Cream with Clams Recipe 1 small Pumpkin (about 3.3 lbs.)2,1 pints Clams1,1 cup Cream0,44 lbs Butter1 Leek white1 OnionSalt, pepper Cut the top of the pumpkin to open it. Use a spoon to remove the inside

Fire Cracker Chicken Recipe

One of my favorite dishes at my local Chinese restaurant is called Fire Cracker Chicken its spicy and sweet all at the same time. I liked it so much that I worked at developing my own recipe at home. The nice thing about this recipe is…

Easy Peanut Chicken Recipe

Peanuts are particularly important because they are an excellent source of protein. The Peanut is also very old, it was grown by the Aztecs and other Pre-Columbian societies. The Peanut spread throughout the Americas with the arrival of…

Easy Breakfast Cereal Recipe

Its time for some more great gourmet recipes that will help us get thin too! We’ve talked about including more fruits and vegetables even in desserts but now its time to talk about good carbs (yes they exist) and how to properly incorporate…

Simple Fruit Parfaits Recipe

Dieting is all about changing the way you eat and how you eat, not necessarily eating a lot less. Food is very important to your body and nourishing it is important for your daily activities. The key is to put the right things in the…

Easy Clambake Recipe

A clambake is not only a way to make clams but also an event in and of itself. It usually takes all day because all the seafood ingredients are cooked in the ground in a heated pit which you can do of course but I prefer to use ovens and…

Spicy Oysters Recipe

Its spicy oysters that are great for parties and other kinds of occasions. Oysters are usually complicated but this makes it very easy and you can use local freshwater or salt water, it does not matter at all. The point is to start…

Salmon On the Grill Recipe

Salmon On the Grill Recipe Very simple lemon pepper salmon on the grille. 2 cups Water2 tbsp Lemon pepper seasoning or 1 tbsp pepper with the juice of 1 lemon.1 tsp Oil1 Salmon steak Mix oil, lemon-pepper, and